The System 3000 is based on a catamaran design, and is particularly well suited to large and long-term dredging projects.

The special feature of the System 3000 is its two central pontoons, which are accessible on foot. The arrangement of all auxiliary and auxiliary units in these pontoons located on the side of the suction pipe makes this series considerably shorter than “old” dredger and therefore very compact. The System 3000 suction dredgers are available with our dredger pumps in nominal diameters 200 mm to 400 mm.


Optimal Positioning

The special feature of System 3000 is its two central pontoons, which are accessible on foot. The dredger pump, which sits approximately 1 meter below the waterline, can be started at any time without being primed first.

Generous Space

The cross-section of the catamaran pontoons is generously dimensioned, ensuring that plenty of space is available here for machinery, switch cabinets, transformers and a workshop.

Effectively Unsinkable

The length of the accessible pontoon depends on the required installations. Systematic partitioning and the central arrangement of the accessible pontoons, as well as the fact that there are no pumps inside the pontoons, make these vessels effectively unsinkable.

Innovative construction

The pontoon can simply be folded upwards for installation purposes on the suction-side connection. The dredging pump is located about one meter below the water level in a folding lifting pontoon in dry installation. This positioning guarantees energetic efficiency and makes it possible to maintain the pump dry and easy and to start it without prior external filling.

With its lowered pump pontoon, this dredger type opens up a completely new range of performance options for bottom-dredging operations. The catamaran dredger of the 300 series already has a higher suction capacity in the lower performance range than the older dredgers of the 350 series.



Optimal Benefits:

  • Operability
  • Ease of service
  • ƒƒOccupational safety and operating reliability
  • Accessibility of critical components
  • Use of the modular construction system developed for the contract dredging business



System 3000 datasheet


  • Designed for dredging depths up to 30 m
  • Dredger pump below the waterline in dry installation
  • Pump pontoon with folding and hinged function
  • Pump can be started without priming
  • Special pump placement allows extreme high solids concentration

Optional extras:



  • max. conveying distance 500 m
  • max. conveying rate 30 m
  • max. extraction depth 1000 tph
  • max. particle size 200 mm

Suction dredger systems in comparison

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